Monday, April 06, 2009

Here is the great thing about my job (besides the obvious advantage of neither breathing coal dust nor wearing a hair net at work). One day I'm in Rochester, NY where Springtime means the daily snow melts by noon; two days later I'm at the Grand Vela Resort Hotel in Puerto Villarta where the temperature is "el perfecto". (Check out the enclosed picture)

In both cases I get to perform for a great bunch of people on a beautiful stage. Well, I knew the job was dangerous when I took it

I did have a little excitement at the airport. My excess baggage caused a commotion. I told them it was professional equipment which triggered a customs inspection. I don't know what the young officer was expecting, since I don't speak Spanish and he didn't speak English. I will probably never know. Safe to say he was not expecting "munecas".

I had to wait for him to fill out a form to sign. It was in Spanish and he explained it to me in Spanish. Perhaps I agreed to become a drug mule for the "munecas" cartel but I doubt it. Most of the time was spent trying to come up with the English word for "munecas" which would probably be puppets. Every time I offered that suggestion they shook their heads. One girl came into the office and offered the word "muppets". That is what went down on the form. So, officially I entered the country of Mexico with three "muppets". I will claim from now on that I immigrated with Kermit, Fozzie and Miss Piggy. Where they went once we landed is not my responsibility.

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Ramón said...


I´m Elvi ventriloquist from Spain. Well, "puppet" in spanish language is "muñeco" but you could use the word "marioneta de ventriloquia" to express that you use a ventriloquist dummy. yes it´s not the same "marioneta" and "ventriloquist dummy" , but I suppose that for the police it´ll be enough. "Marioneta" in sapanish language is the puppet in the stage wich is controlled by thread...You know ventriloquist are strange specimens...!