Thursday, June 27, 2013

Two Comics exchange Comments on Facebook

That seems like the opening line to a new joke. "A comedy writer makes a comment on your status." Turned out it did make me laugh. 
My friend Steve Bluestein is a funny man.  We have been friends for a very long time which is both wonderful and terrifying.  Wonderful to have long time friends, but terrifying to know that the number of years we have been friends is directly proportional to the length of time we have been alive.
At our first introduction we had a wealth of friends in common from the Comedy Club circuit. However, the caribeaner that kept us in touch was our mutual friend Lynn.
I share this Facebook run with you.  From this you can see that Steve is a witty guy. But he is a great writer with heart felt memories that make me laugh.  There is no doubt that his family has put the "Funk" in dysfunctional, but through his filtered memory we can laugh and not cry.  He is a brutally honest writer who reminds me of Spaulding Gray in his ability to admit things that normally one keeps to themselves, all for our amusement.
His book is entitled "It's So Hard to Type with a Gun in my Mouth". (Click on the title to go to Amazon and buy it).  It is a compilation of his thoughts, stories and memories.  The stories are easy funny reading and stand alone.  You can pick up the book and get a laugh any time you have a moment. That is the way I read it being an ADD Dyslexic.  (As a matter of fact so is my friend Steve).
Everyone needs a good laugh. With Steve's book you can get the laughs you get from a visit to the comedy club without risking the DUI. 
Everyone should have friends like I do.  I am very blessed.
As you were,

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