Friday, June 14, 2013

Today's Tongue Twister

I had to hear it a couple of times to comprehend what the announcer said. Even then I had to verify with my son to be sure of what I heard. My dyslexic brain could not be trusted after hearing it only twice.
It is a commercial that plays on Public Radio locally. The commercial consists of a velvet toned announcer touting treatment for sinus problems at the Cedar- Sinai Medical Center. The clinic offers sinus suffers rhinoplasty balloon therapy.
Let's stop right there. A rhinoplasty balloon sound like some thing a clown would bring to your kid's birthday party. I guess that's the name of the procedure. It may be a fine term to use in at Cedar-Sinai Clinic, But, I'm not sure that a Public Radio ad is the right place to use that phrase. Most people will think clown before they think doctor when hearing the word "balloon." But that is not at issue.
The name of the clinic for these sinus headache sufferers is:
The Cedar-Sinai Sinus Center. Seriously...
If I thought they got the joke I would offer this copy for the next ad.
Serious Sinus Suffers See Significant Cessation of Sore Sinuses central to their strife at the Cedar-Sinai Sinus Center.
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