Tuesday, June 18, 2013

THIS is the Answer?

I am not big on beauty pageants, but I grew up in Texas where the study of Miss America 101 is mandatory. There is no escape for a Texas lad.  Texas controlled the Miss America Pageant for years. Phyllis George (Miss America... 19-Something year)  was even a fellow student at my Alma Mater - North Texas State University. But, had it not been for YouTube I would have missed this moment of clarity.
Miss Utah with this mistaken idea:  if a girl is beautiful enough she doesn't need to make sense or even give a coherent answer to a question.  Show your tits and flash a porcelain smile and, shallow theory says, no one will listen to your answer. Probably only a few diehards saw the original gaff, but with Youtube,  another half million got to enjoy it.
Okay,  so this is not a game of Jeopardy nor a medical exam, and we were not looking for a journalistic break through. It was  just a way to cull down the beauties for processing later. And the bar for beauty queen intelligence is very low. Think Honey Boo Boo at 20 years old and half the weight she is now. Miss America's have NOT gone on to discover vaccines after their reign.
Even my class mate Phyllis George was not immune to brain damage caused by too much hair spray. She was eventually hired at Good Morning America as an anchor woman.  It didn't last long.  She was fired when she suggested that a rapist and his victim "hug and make up" as a way to reconcile.  Duh....
Because of Miss Utah's brainless regurgitation of jingoisms unrelated to the question, we are blinded to other forms of intelligence lowering television. Case in point (which no one is talking about): The "celebrity" judge asking the unanswered question is Ne Ne Leakes. Ne Ne, a celebrity? a beauty contest judge? I hear the Sesame Street song playing in my head "Some of these things will go together, some of these things are sort of the same... But one of these things..."  You know the song.
Ne Ne is a 15 minute "Real Housewife from Atlanta" reality show poser. It was miraculous that she could read the question, which she most probably did not did not write.
When will come the day when we expect women to be intelligent and beautiful at the same time.  I know there are some out there. In fact the two traits are not mutually exclusive, for any reason. I think intelligence in a woman is a big turn on. Sexy which does not rub off on the pillow when she sleeps.  However, I think that until we teach our girls to think as well as they are taught to put on eye shadow, the gap may always exist. In this case the question became its own answer in the most ironic way.
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