Wednesday, June 19, 2013

The Mouth of Babes...

Over the weekend we had dinner with a friend of ours. She lives in the Palisades and we decided we would walk to a restaurant at the Palisades village on Sunset.  Our friend is an actress we have known since college. Names are not used to protect the innocent, but she has had an incredible career that even included being a Gold Digger on the Dean Martin Show.  In fact she was referred to as a MILF by one of my sons who knew her in one of her later cult status movies.  
The other three girls I was with, including my wife had long careers as dancers in film and television.  Perhaps less known than our Palisades friend but not necessarily less recognizable. I thought to myself, "I am in great company with three ladies I have always had crushes on... I even married one of them."  
As we walked down the tree lined sidewalks talking about the good times we had working theme parks, a group of four little girls on scooters approached.  None was older than 7 or so.  A couple of drive ways ahead of us three of the little girls stopped their vehicles and stepped to the side for us to pass on the sidewalk.  The fourth and youngest of the girls zoomed past.  They were cute girls and I said, "Thank you Ladies." for making way for us.  When the little one realized that the others had stopped she did the same a few yards away. We could hear the conversation as the others caught up with her.
One of the three began to chastise the youngest for not yielding the side walk right of way. She said,
"That was rude to ride past them like that."  The youngest said, "There was room".
"Yeah." she replied, "but they looked OLD."
Unknown Man 31 years of age. He
looks old. 
To quote Sinatra,  "You're riding high in April... shot down in May."   My hip began to hurt and I wondered why I had not remembered to bring my cane. We began to laugh as only good "old" friends can do.  Had the girls been older we might have taken exceptions to the category of Old.  To keep face we decided that even a 40 year old hottie would be old to these little Palisades girls. 
The thing is, I don't feel my age.  I am told I don't look my age and neither does my wife. At some point I realized that I am not 24 any longer, but I'm not sure I would want to go back and live that decade over again. I like where I am and proud of what I have done, regardless of how old I was when it happened.  There is one wish that, if I could, I would bestow on those scooter driving girls. I would hope that when they get my age, they have friends that are as wonderful as mine. 
As you were,

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P. Grecian said...

It is said that Collette's dying words were, "How can I be 80 and dying, when inside I'm still 16."

Amen and amen.