Monday, June 17, 2013

Phun with FotoShop

 "A Dancer" with two Busts. 
 According to the "World is a Stage" Statistics not a lot of people saw the picture I posted from the Getty. I don't blame them because the blog was riddled with the F (PH) word. I claim fair use of the obscenity in context of the story. Poetic/Artistic License...I will use that permit once again.

Here is what I have to say as an artist. You have to have good models. To do artistic(?) things in FhotoShop like the picture above, I had to actually pose for the picture below.
Just after this picture was taken a Getty guard told me to move away from the art work. I was told that same thing by several guards at several exhibits during that afternoon.  So much for helping us struggling artists. By the embarrassed giggles of the high school tour the  guard should have known I was an artist at work taking a model shot. Maxfield Parish used pictures of himself as a model, as did Norman Rockwell. However it did make me wonder
how close is too close if we are talking about art? I was certainly being respectful as you can clearly see and would have never jeopardized the physical integrity of the piece. I did not think I was too close.
In the "Pshopped" picture there is a canvas on the wall. In reality it is not there. It is one of my "digital paintings. I call it "A Dancer" and it hangs in this virtual art gallery created in the ether. Having the ability to manipulate images is a quantum leap for artists.
My interpretation of "A Dancer" was inspired by and drawn after my visit to the Getty.  It's not how close you are allowed get to the art, it's how close you allow the art to get to you.
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P. Grecian said...

They probably suspected you were there to do useless, angry mischief. In fact, you were there to do useful, happy mischief. You should have told them who you are...then they'd've let you do anything you liked and would even have asked you to make improvements upon the art displayed.