Thursday, June 13, 2013

At the Getty...

On a trip to the Getty Museum recently I was reminded of an Eric Idle song entitled "You Can't say Fuck at the Getty. It was written after he performed there and was specifically told he could not say the F word on the  Getty stage. The result was a Carlinesque song about all the words you can say with the chorus featuring the forbidden word. It is a very funny song even funnier when you know how it came about. 
In my time spent with comics there is one rule that is universal.  Never tell a comic he can't do something. It is the equivalent of throwing lighter fluid on a fire. Comics  just can't help themselves. It is a comic's duty to find some way around all rules and push the envelope.  Since every time the envelope is pushed there is a new position to push from, this rule will be constant as long as there are comedians.  
I remember once at a Comedy Club the manager came back stage to tell us that there was a 12 year old kid in the front row. The manager was the stereo-type of a mobster club owner.  In a raspy voice  he said "Go easy on the kid". We all knew what he meant "watch the language and references."  We all got it. 
However,  one of the comics had a different opinion about the situation. This performer felt like the kid was out of place in an adult nightclub, so why should he pull back.  He not only refused to go easy on the younger audience member, he "went" for it.  His opening line was, "Hey kid, you're a cute little fucker where are you from."  We stopped counting the number of F words at 73. The number of dick jokes and penis references went much higher in the 20 minute set.  
I was sure the mobster manager would shoot him, but he didn't.  He thought the guy had balls to take it to that extreme.  The parents were not too pleased but did not want to complain to the tough manager.
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