Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Should a Family Worry?

 Illustration 2B -   "The Krampus"
Recently my sister was in town for a few days.  She has not been here in a decade. As I state in "The Two and Only!" my little sister was my captive audience growing up.  As kids she was required to hear material, watch routines and pass judgement on acts I had just written and totally under rehearsed. Although we are no longer kids and she is no longer captive, I do continue to seek her approval.  That is especially true in all things artistic.
There was much to do together as tourists in LA after a decade of absence. We did not stay around the house much. However, there was a moment late in her visit when we ended up conversing in my office.  Technically I think this was a maid's bedroom when the house was built, nonetheless it is my office now. A functional man cave of sorts. It is where I like to think, write and draw.
As we were remembering stories my sister looked upon the shelf above my computer. On that shelf is a skull framed drawing. (See illustration 2B)
It is one of my concept drawings of a Krampus.  My son introduced me to this mythical character.  He is not fully human and not fully animal. He las a long tongue, sharp teeth, goat horns, hooves for feet and pointed ears.  Most people just think he is the devil, but he has a different purpose in some European cultures.  He is the anti-Santa.  While Santa will bring all the good little boys and girls the toys of their dreams, the Krampus brings sticks and coal to the bad ones. He is the tormentor of misbehaved children.  He is usually depicted holding sticks and chains. I have done many studies of the Krampus this is one of my favorites. 
So, my sister breaks off the conversation and carefully examines the framed drawing on my shelf. She absolutely recognises it as my work.   I am wondering what artistic comment my First Best Friend Forever will have to say. 

As I remember,  it went something like this:
"Jay, I don't know what disturbs me more, the fact that you actually drew this demon, that you framed it in a skull frame or that you display it right above where you write." 

I say, "That's my favorite picture frame, what else would you put in a frame like that?"
She replied, "And.... it disturbs me that it is one of your favorite frames." 
It is great to have a sister.
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