Saturday, June 29, 2013

NSA Listening to a Random Brain on Idle

My sister and I have been texting back and forth talking.  It would be "dinner table" discussions if we were close enough geographically to have that kind of time together.  Texting seems to be the next best way to have some sort of a "live" conversation between siblings in Dallas and Los Angeles.
Last night late I sent her an email picking up on our discussions. She responded this morning.  When it came through as a push notice on my iPhone, I assumed it was a text.  Trying to keep up with the immediacy of the digital conversation, I quickly texted her back. The message wouldn't make much sense if not tied to the previous discussion, but I ended it with... Love you Sis.
Moments later, I got a rather confused text in response from Monique, who is scheduled to clean my dog Boo's teeth on Monday. The "Love you Sis" text was sent to Monique's cell number instead of my Sister's.  It didn't take much more than an embarrassed opps to explain it to Monique, and my Sister thought it was hysterical, but there may be a bigger issue involved here. 
I am sure this is really vexing the NSA as they monitor my communications. Right now they are trying to figure out who Monique is and why do I have such a personal relationship with a dog dentist. Is Monique an Americanized version of a Pakastani name?  They check Monique's records now to see if she has more of these "cryptic" relationships with other voice tossing dog owners. They will need to break the code. What does "Boo's teeth cleaning" really mean?  What are these two planning on Monday? And what terrorist organization is named Boo.
Boo could stand for the "Bombing Of Ohio"..."Teeth cleaning" could be name of the operation. I don't know Monique that well, perhaps she is already on some watch list.  Now I have been identified as her sleeper agent hiding in Encino.  Ventriloquist.... of course it makes sense. How can he really make a living doing that? He must be on the payroll of a subversive organization.  
Perhaps at this very minute the NSA is reading my blog as well, thinking that I am giving them a "red herring" of dis-information explaining the message as a mistake.
I'm in too deep now. There was just a glitch across my computer screen... it's them... they are monitoring me in real time now.  The only thing for me to do is stop writing this post and try to sound more like everyone else posting to Face Book.  Here goes:

LOL BFF that video of puppies falling asleep is awesome!!! 
Here is a picture of what I had for lunch..
I don't know, North seems like a fine first name...
WTF Clarence Thomas?
I agree with your status ;) 
OMG i am just sitting here. right here.where r u

No thanks... I don't play Farmville with friends...
You clicked "like" when I posted that my Dad passed away?
Binginton Wilson suggests you like the page "Repeal the entire Constitution"
Refuse the friend request from Edward Snowden....
ACLU ?  I thought that I was liking a college page.
Looking forward to my trip to Orlando on Monday.... opps....

Are they gone? Whew that was a close one.
As you were,


Thomas Hibbard said...

I think you were okay until you used the word "bombing." That definitely put you on their watch list. Ooops, I just copied that word into this message and I'm probably now being watched by them with even greater concern than normal because I know you (they will never believe you can't recall meeting me). Or worse, you are even a more likely suspect among the algorithms or whatever they use since I'm a conservative Republican who frequently writes nasty tweets about the Obama Administration generally and Obama in particular. I've been on their list for a long time, and this has elevated their suspicion about you to a new level. Sell everything and seek asylum in China!

Kenny Croes said...

now i'm afraid to comment. oops.