Saturday, February 26, 2011


Wow. I'm at the venue and Yipes. It is the nightmare John and I had hoped to avoid. The redneck sound man told me that I was wasting his time. John was in lighting hell and we had not gotten to the sound cues yet. I lost it. It was the straw that broke my back. I said things I thought I would never hear myself say. I told him it was my show and the only time that was being wasted was mine. He said that he did sound all over and implied that I was not very professional. I said, I have a Tony award on my mantel and I would match my experience in theatre to his sound resumé anytime he was ready. I told him sound was very important to me and if he didn't want to run the show then we would get some one else. He told me good luck, there is nobody else in the whole town that can run sound. I turned to one of the students who make up our crew and said to one of the guys. "Are you good with computers?" He said he was average, and I said he already had enough skill to punch a button when John called a cue. The redneck suddenly changed his attitude from hostel to benign.
John stopped programming the show and we dealt with sound so the guy could go back and close the music store he owns in town.
I never thought I would play the Tony card to a redneck music store owner in backwater Florida. I am sure they will be telling tales of the Jerk from LA after I'm gone. I am sure I will be telling stories about them in much more dramatic detail thé minute I leave tonight. Both versions will be true.
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Ray said...

Hey man, we loved the show tonight, any time you want to come back to backwater lake city let us know.

Andy R. said...

Paddle faster, I hear Banjo music

Bob Conrad said...

Been there, done that. I know it isn't practical for you to carry your own sound system for your production, but doing schools I carry my own and only use my own, I know what I am dealing with and how it works. Keep smiling, you're the pro and can make it worm.
PS: I used to own a music store.

Bob Conrad said...

That last word ,should have been "work". Nest time I will read it before I hit send.