Friday, February 04, 2011

This will be the address for reading the daily struggles of the east coast tour of Jay Johnson: The Two and Only. There will be daily posts with one clarification; Depending on access to the Internet and temporary wifi connections encountered on the road, posts will be written daily but posted when possible. Although it will be written with new toys, the process will be more like my older blogs from Broadway and London. I hope the substance will at least equal those. I will write after each show and not dash off a thumb-typed status update.

I plan not to sugar coat the experience. Not that I think I sugar coated those older posts but the venues were definitely more exciting to write about. This is a bread and butter tour that is perhaps the polar opposite of a Broadway experience.

John and I will be traveling by truck doing basic one-nighter hi and runs after Richardson. It is not a bus and truck is just a truck tour. This will be Theatre in its most primitive and basic form, a kick back to the days of the traveling vaudeviille or medicine show.
Join me when we open in Richardson and close in Wisconson. Follow along as I discribe the world of a real theatre tour with all the warts and wrinkles showing.

First installment..... Feb.9th counting down the days until then
As you were,


Aaron said...

Judy and I look forward to seeing you in Appleton. We will be driving up from Springfield.

P. Grecian said...

Wow. This is going to be fun to read about! Oh, how I wish you were a bit closer to the plains states.

Bob Conrad said...

One Nighter's, in and out on the same day. Sounds familiar. I look forward to following your adventure.

Anonymous said...

Taking the kids and grandkids to see you in Richardson - Can't wait to see Two and Only again!

Roomie said...

We are so glad to read your blog again....supposed to get 6-8" of snow, but I will try to be like to postal service and not let that deter me from seeing you this coming Saturday in Richardson....we love you and....
Carry on,