Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Magic Time

I had nightmares about tonight. Two performances back to back ( 5:00 and 7:30) in a place that wasn't ready for us and didn't seem to be the best venue for our show. I could not believe a 5:00 show would draw anybody that would relate. I was so concerned that the theater was expecting a Cabaret act that I lost all belief in the show that we have been doing for so long. Turned out that this space could be one of our best venues. I am ashamed that I did not have faith enough in the process to let it unfold.
The audience was intelligent, open hearted and ready for the ride. The intimacy of the theatre puts the audience right on stage with me. There were screams of laughter and gasps of emotion that took me by surprise. They were my audience and proved that fact with perfect reaction to ever nuance.
Jimmy Nelson and his wife Betty were at the second performance. What a surreal experience. I mention his name every night in the context of being one of my inspirations and his name is in the original script of my show.
I could not let the opportunity pass to make this event one to remember, so I stopped a standing ovation to introduce Jimmy in the audience. There are no words to express such feelings, but when I told the audience he was there and asked him to stand up and be recognized there was a bust recognition that can only be described as magical.
Such moments in a persons career happen only occasionally. This was one. I told the audience that some day I would write a show about my relationship to Jimmy Nelson, and I think I could.
Jimmy is the godfather of ventriloquism and has done more for the art than any one person I can think of. What a joy, what a blessing to have my friend Jimmy Nelson and his incredible wife Betty come to my show. If I can become just a portion of the man Jimmy Nelson is I will be satisfied.
Thank you Mr. Nelson for coming to my show. It was every bit the inspirational experience I dreamed it would be. To sincerely call you my friend gives me goose flesh.
As you were,

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