Saturday, February 26, 2011

Lost in Travel
I wrote a long blog last night taking about our 7 hour drive to Lake City. I sent it off on the Holiday Inn WiFi network and it never showed up on line. I wonder where things like that go? Are they delivered to some unsuspecting person who wonders why a strange man is complaining to them by email? Or is it an alien civilization that is covertly intercepting errant Internet writings to create a profile of us earthlings? Or is it the Holiday Inn censors that don't allow anything negative to get out about Lake City. I have to admit that I am not sure who is coming to the show tonight. Other than gator wrestling or a mullet and tatoo contest, I don't know what would draw this community to a theatre.
On the drive we were assaulted by billboards that repeated almost every 20 miles. One was a young looking doctor who was advertising vasectomies at an affordable price. John and I nick named him the "cut rate doc." Placed in-between these billboards were two others that also repeated. One, a place called the "Risqué Cafe...we bare all" an interesting mix of naked women and steak sandwiches. The other billboards were religious ads quoting bible verse and dogma against abortion. There was one ad that actually had a reproduction of Michaelangelo's bearded God from the Cistine Chapel not pointing to Adam as it is in the Vatican, but pointing to the swollen stomach of a pregnant teenager.
We finally passed by the Risqué Cafe and it was after all the sexy billboards a converted Stuckeys from years ago. It still had the tall blue pitched roof. Instead of selling pecan logs they were now servicing other types of lumber.
Doctor Chop was still advertising as we exited the free way and as we got into the urban area of Lake City instead of religious billboards every hundred yards there were now churches. As we stopped at one of the traffic lights a car pulled up between our truck and a church. The drivers arm was half way out the window. Adorned with the ink of a fresh tattoo was the double lightening bolts of the German SS surrounded by the Nazi iron cross. The oxymoronic juxtaposition of this momentary image was worthy of art in a Fellini context.
John is redoing the show with lights that are as old as he is. He worked several nights ago on a new plot and emailed it to them. The thought was that they could hang all the lights so we could just focus and write cues today. They didn't and John starts from scratch again this morning.
I will comment on the show after it happens tonight and after I am on the plane headed home.
As you were,

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Aaron said...

It might go the same place your luggage was at for a "brief" period of time.