Sunday, February 27, 2011

Lake City FolliesEvidently there are Lake City readers of my blog. At the time I wrote my tweet yesterday I was really upset. This show is a very personal journey for me and it is sometimes hard to get to the level I need to reach. When there is attitude from the people I depend on to present the show, it is really tough. Before the show I apologized to the sound man for my out burst. I was informed by his friends that he is a very kind hearted man, I am sure that is true. He was very competent and the sound was great for the show. But he was way out of line and if he had a schedule problem or thought his time was being wasted he should have taken it up with the local promoter not me. I was there to do my job and I assumed he was there to do his. He questioned my professionalism and he was unapologetic. He certainly showed none of that kind heart to me. I have worked with hundreds of sound men, we usually get along great and some have become friends. But not one of them has ever displayed an attitude like that. I guess if you are the only game in town you think you can get by with it.
John Ivy pulled yet another rabbit out of the hat for this show. He lit the show and programed the cues on a lighting board he had never seen before. He even painted the riser to match the set. He worked from 8:00 am till we loaded out at 10 pm. He wrote the final cue only moments before they let the audience in. He is a genius and I am very lucky to have his level of artistry watching my back. The show looked beautiful and the audience was great. They went with me on the ride and we shared that journey. That is what we do it for. That is why we struggle under less than the best conditions so that the audience can enjoy it. They aren't supposed to know what we went through, and usually don't unless they read this blog.
I am going home for a week before going back on the road with the show in Vermont. I need the rest. I am road burned. There are things I do not want to remember about this leg, but it's not the audience at the Levy Performing Arts Center. They were great. Thank you Lake City.
As you were,


Ray said...

hey Jay, I'd like to know where to send the doctors bill, my chest still hurts from laughing so hard last night. Thank you for sharing your story with us in L.C.

Roomie said...

Glad that you are through with this leg of the journey and although "attitude" prevailed at the outset, there were appreciative audiences at the performances....Glad for that....all the other is just so unnecessary and makes our job as performers not a happy one, but all worked out and we are glad....looking forward to reading your next observation from the establishment on the corner....
Carry on,

Bob Conrad said...

Happy to hear the show went well in spite of the attitude of the sound man. The show is the important thing and you are both professional and talented enough to pull it off. I too am a bit of a perfectionist and want every performance to be the best. The road can be long and rough, but the applause is worth it.

Barbara said...

Well my family was absolutely thrilled with the show!! We were the one's who waited for you afterward to sign our "Soap" boxes! What a treat! You were so gracious. We would love the opportunity to see you again in the future. Thank you for coming to these small towns. We usually have to take our kids to Orlando or Jax to see a show of this caliber. Thank you!!

GARY said...

Thanks Jay. I'm sorry there was a behind the scene issue, but from the audience standpoint, the show in Lake City went perfectly. I expected a nice show but didn't expect an AMAZING show. From seeing the show & reading your blog, there is no doubt that whether you are playing on Broadway or a college auditorium in a small town, you give the performance ALL you have. I laughed so hard & was moved to near tears, as well. Thank you again & I can't wait to see you again. (BTW I'm Barbara's husband).