Friday, February 11, 2011

There was a green room full of people to see me after the show tonight. My cousin Geanie was there and a friend from the Horn days, Paul White, but I knew they were coming. I didn't know that Linda of the Desert Fiesta Texas Tech mafia would be there with her daughter and fiancé. Nor did I know that one of the McMaster boys from Abernathy would be there. His Dad used to cut my hair at the only Barber shop in Abernathy. A man named Grady introduced himself like I should know him and in an instant I realized it was the Picalo player from the "Campus Revue" show at Six Flags when I was in High school. It all came back to me. What a hoot.
This is like a time warp... so many people that I have known over the years.
The OG made itself known again tonight. I can't make it happen when I want it to happen but when I am thinking esoteric-spooky thoughts it will manifest. The house manager told me that several people had been startled by it over the last few weeks. His theory was that an errant RF radio frequency was responsible. That could be. It still seems to be more than just random. It happens when my thoughts are on the theatre and the great time I am having.
It is all going too fast as I knew it would. Four more shows and two more days. Why can't this run go on forever?
More friends tomorrow and the show is tighter than it has ever been. I seem to learn how to do it better each time I get to do it. What a blessing.
As you were,

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