Sunday, February 13, 2011

Round One
We closed at the Eisemann Center in Richardson tonight. I doubt that we will be able to beat this experience on the current "truck tour." What a great theatre and great people.
Spaulding decided to grab some attention while we were here. It was the Saturday matinee... after we had done the show a couple of times with no problems. However, when I gave the cue this time he did not roll on stage as he is supposed to. Knowing that he is a prima donna I have a stand in hiding behind the Big Jon trunk so I immediately grabbed Spaulding number 2 and prepared to do the routine. Just as I was getting set to start, Spaulding one rolled on stage. Not having the dexterity to do a double routine I tossed number two and continued with Spaulding one.
At the end of the routine the blocking of the play calls for me to toss him off stage right. Spaulding still did not want to participate in the usual blocking and bounced off a lighting stand and flew back on stage. I have heard of actor milking their part, but I did not think we had that problem in my show.
My blackberry decided to die this evening. I realize how much of my life is controlled by that little device. I didn't have any of the phone numbers I needed nor the information for sending my road trunk to our next destination. I used to remember phone numbers but now all I know is that my sister's phone number is "speed dial 4". The more we know only the things that we can look up, the more we are slave to this world of ones and zeros.
I have a week off to spend with my family here in Dallas. I am looking forward to it especially since the weather had become more accommodating. More later.
As you were,


Bill said...


What a talent you are!! We enjoyed the Saturday matinee so much. You are a master. Your timing (it is so fast) and your talent (the variety of voices) is just amazing.

But most of all your passion for ventriloquism and those who mentored you (esp. Art) is so transparent. It is wonderful. You brought tears to my eyes multiple times. Everyone in this world should be as passionate about something as you are about what you do.

Thanks for the experience.

Bill Freeman (Wylie's sidekick)

Phil Nichols said...

It was an honor to meet you in person. You are as I said to you an inspiration and one of our great masters of Ventriloquism. Melissa and I so enjoyed our show and you personally making time to talk with us and take photos. Thank you very much! We hope you enjoy Renfield and we'll see you around. Break a Leg on the rest of the tour!

In Awe
Phil Nichols
(and Bosworth)

Roomie said...

Just want to take a moment to tell you what a joy it was to spend last Saturday afternoon with you and the guys at the are the consummate performer and just never cease to amaze me....Thank you for that wonderful experience that I will cherish and for being my roomie and dear friend....
Carry on,