Thursday, September 16, 2010

Wall of Ice
Coming in from the right side of this picture is the 40 foot pilot boat that was with us at Hubbard Glacier.
There was a scientific team on board  with permission to sail within a hundred yards of Hubbard.  According to Thomas Ryan the guest lecturer for the trip at this point the boat is a half mile away from the face of the glacier.  In the picture I took of the ship at one hundred yards away you can not even see the boat.  I think that is the most amazing thing about the wilderness of Alaska, it is so expansive.  We city dwellers don't have a clue how big something is unless we have a McDonalds in the foreground. But a mountain face of ice that can at any moment crack and fall this big is really hard to understand.
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Roomie said...

Mandy and I have been waiting for you to post this pic...PRICELESS!!!! Now we want to take a cruise to Alaska in the future....only if it's one on which you are the "headliner".....amazing voyage....thanks for lucky rascal, you...
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B&P :-)