Friday, September 17, 2010

Magic Cargo
My last day on board they were loading in the show for the magician Guytano.  This is the equipment that he needs to do an hour show.  I do an hour show with a couple of cases, and I think that is a hassle to travel with.
I am reminded of a show I did at Monday Night Magic in New York City while promoting "The Two and Only".  It was a quick couple of minutes in between the magic acts.  I decided to make it easy and not bring a character, but "talk" to them on my cell phone and then did a credit card routine.

It went well and the audience gave me a very nice round of applause.  I exit stage left and pass by the  magician ready to be introduced next.  He is cradling a dove cage under one arm and a production box under the other while holding a top hat and a magic table in either hand.  As my applause lingers he says to me, "What did you do out there that got such a great reaction?"  I told him I did a routine with my credit card and cell phone.  He thought for a moment and said, "You got that reaction using the stuff in your pockets?" Then he looked down at the load of props he was dragging on stage with him and said, "Shit."

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Roomie said...

Sounds like that magician that we worked with at GA in '67....always had all that stuff....we never needed had just enough and mine was with me....
Carry on,