Tuesday, September 21, 2010

My Love for the TSA
So this is a new" head case" I just got to carry Bob, Darwin and the other boys on. It replaces a pelican case that was great but just a few inched too small to fit everything comfortably. Although I often got hassled at the TSA with the old case usually an explosive test was all that was needed. Suddenly with this case at San Francisco airport they wanted take everything out, test each puppet and then run them back through the Xray individually. When I made a move to unpack the case this over weight woman in a security uniform meant for a much smaller human told me I couldn't touch the case. I backed off knowing that it was locked. She struggled for a moment. I told her it was locked with a TSA friendly lock. I thought that meant that the TSA had a master key to open it. They may but she was clueless. She allowed me to enter the combination but still could not get it open. Finally I sort of pushed past her and opened it. As I am taking things out carefully she is telling me I can't touch anything. As she starts to grab puppets to throw on the moving beltway I objected. I said," Mam the reason they are in a case is so they won't get damaged. You can't just throw them around." She said, "do I need to call a supervisor?" I said you bet.

He and I worked it out so that I could pad them in a tub and they could go though correctly. They kept me there about a half hour which is an eternity dealing with the mentally challenged. Finally when it was determined that I was not a threat the supervisor made a weak apology. The fat lady said almost as justification, "I never saw a bag like that before, sir." It was the bag that concerned her more than the contents.
Sorry, I know they are trying to do their job, but do I feel safer because these Bozos are on duty. Not at all. 
As you were,

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Anonymous said...

That's a great looking case. Would you mind telling us what brand it is?


Bob Baker