Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Too much Fun

I hate people who drop celebrity names just to show off that they have famous friends, George Clooney was saying the same thing to me over coffee the other day.
With that disclaimer, place a soft mat on the floor cause a few names will be dropped only as necessary for the story.
Yesterday was JoAnne Worrley's birthday and there was a party at Fred and Mary Willard's house for her. It was smaller than the usual Willard bashes, but no less hilarious. JoAnne is a long time friend who has recently come back into our lives. She is very funny and we laugh a lot. Same with Fred and Mary.
Mostly the laughs were played off the moment and don't make sense out of context. However, Mary brought out the certificate for Fred's Emmy nomination this year. It looks very official at first glance. It is then you notice that the A has been left out of Willard. The academy misspelled his name. They were so embarrassed they wanted it back for correction. Mary said, "No way it is perfect ". It is, after all, the off center Fred Willard who was being honored.
Good times and good friends.
As you were,

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