Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Self Portrait 
I think I have several photos like this.  Me taken by me at some memorable place. However, that will change soon.  
Friends Shane and Scott happened to be traveling on the same ship I performed on over the Weekend.  It was just one of those fateful bookings. They had planned the trip for a long time and I was booked last minute to fill in for a couple of days.  Sandi went with me and we had a great time actually being passengers with our friends. 
Scott had a really cool table top tripod for his camera and took several timer shots of the four of us.  It folded up to a size not much longer than the digital camera itself and was very discreet.  Sandi and I both thought it was a great idea, and lusted openly for it. 
The next day we met Scott and Shane for dinner and they gave us one of those cool tripods.  I guess they had two on the trip and just needed one.  So now I will be able to be in some of the pictures I take from now on.  Thanks to TheBoyce for a very early Christmas gift.  It was a pleasure to hang with you on the "Radiance of the Rhapsody"...

As you were,

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