Friday, March 02, 2007

On Bored

This expensive computer on the ship does not have a spelling checker, so use your best guess for my vocaulary.
This is the same ship I was on only two weeks ago, the crew is still yelling "That's a monkeyjoke" at me. However, I was a late addition, so all the manifest and company paperwork was slow in getting here. After I did my show and we were at sea, the pursers office called and said it was okay for me to be here. Duh.
I did not know so many people would be concerned and compelled toward my idea to tell the true tale of Broadway Two and Only. I'm not sure it really matters anyway. I can just imagine a coal miner who runs across my complaining. Here is he coughing up coal dust reading about how rough it was when I did my Broadway show. Kind of puts it all in perspective.
Speaking of perspective. Although they finally resolved the "crisis" of Anna Nicole's corpse, Jame Brown's dead body is still not buried. Again it is an inheritance issue. Where is that in the lead stories? I mean a dead body story is a dead body story, right?
That is all I've got at these prices.
As you were,

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the other one said...

Oh Darwin...
I miss the monkeyjokes!

I guess we wanted to hear the real story because we all get caught up in that tabloid mentality. Our problems aren't enough - we want to hear about everyone else's. But I'll wait for the book....