Monday, March 05, 2007

Hi Sees

The Granduer of the Seas was docked with us a day or so ago. I've been on that ship many times.
It is older now and when I was on it the engine was not really working all the time.  As it sailed out of Los Angeles harbor on the Mexican Riv cruise, they could stop at Cabo either on the way down or back. The engine needed repair so the decided to go to Puerto Villarta (sp) to get it repaired. It was too complicated and they had to sail back, but couldn't go very fast so they would not have time to stop in Cabo.
Well they tell the passengers that the weather is too bad to anchor since it is a tender port. There is a sigh of disappointment but you can't do anything about the weather.  Unfortunately that night there was a medical emergency and they had to make the nearest land, it was Cabo.  As the sun came and they were getting the emergency off the boat, there was a Carnival Ship, A Celebrity Ship and a Princess all anchored. The weather was perfect, people were dancing, jet skis flying, para sailors soaring... the passengers of the Grandeur knew that had been lied too about the weather.
It was the closest to a mutiny I have ever experienced.
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