Thursday, March 08, 2007

You know you travel too much when you have a personal relationship with a limo driver in St Maarten. His name is Julio Rouy. He is my friend and has been driving me to and from the ships, hotels and airport on St. Maarten for six years. It is always great to see him.

Originally from Jamaica he is not only the owner of the elite transportation company on the Island, he also provides a bodyguard service as well. He is average height but is built like a Greek statue. He is a master of martial arts, and a weapons expert. Julio, his friends call him Julio, clients call him Rouy, is a very quiet and intelligent man with an engaging sense of humor and style. He is the one who drives and protects any celebrity that might come to St. Maarten.

Now that Anna Nicole Smith is gone he is more open to talking about the several months he was her St. Maarten bodyguard. He has great stories you will only hear while riding in his car, but what he isn’t telling could fill Celebrity magazines for years.

I hate to go though Customs and Immigrations at Miami Airport. I heard some traveler say yesterday while running to a plane, “This is the Stupidest Airport in the world.” Well, I haven’t been to every airport in the world, but it is the stupidest on my list.

A Customs official asked me where I had been with all these cases. I said, “I have been working, I am a ventriloquist and these are my puppets.” She didn’t seem to believe me. The choice was to either throw my voice or open all the cases for inspection. Rather than miss my plane, I decided to give her a show. It is like performing for the Mafia with a gun to your head. I was afraid that after I did a voice or two she would say, “No one would hire you with that act… strip search him and lock him up.”

Did I say it is great to be back home?
As you were,


Anonymous said...

At least the Miami experience didn't turn out like the one in New York with that insane inspector who nearly died from wounds inflicted by "the guys" and you, OR the one at the Monroe airport. What a trial that was!
Something one wants to forget immediately??? M and I are still sitting her awaiting a message from you and looking out on the spacious landscaped yard here in NLA. It's Spring! What more can we say?
Carry on,

charlie said...

jay, love ya man. new yawk misses ya.

the other one said...

Julio isn't the only one that could fill Celebrity magazine with stories....

john said...

Just wanted to say that you were hilarious last week on The Explorer of the Seas. I was fortunate to catch the 11:00 pm showing with my cousins and you were by far the best entertainer on the cruise.