Tuesday, February 27, 2007

The Wiz made a very observant comment about my trip to Vegas last week. She mentioned I was at the Orleans Hotel on Mardi Gras. Indeed I was. Since my friend Harry Anderson, who recently moved from New Orleans, was there at the same time the coincidence did not elude us.

However, there was not a mention, not a thought or even recognition of Marti Gras at the Orleans Hotel. It is decorated like a cheap Fat Tuesday float, but there was nothing special that was done for the holiday so closely associated with the name Orleans. Harry and I even wished “Happy Marti Gras” to a waitress at the Orleans. She looked at us blankly and said, "I don't think we have that on the menu."

Rather than a mention of Marti Gras, all of Las Vegas was decorated for Chinese New Year. You couldn’t look in any direction without encountering three story high red banners with Chinese character writing on them. Perhaps they were advertising the $11.99 Prime Rib, but I doubt it.

So there you go. Las Vegas doesn’t give a hang about New Orleans because they are broke. But the Chinese are cash flush. Again, I miss the mob, they were a little softer hearted than the modern day corporations that have taken over Las Vegas.

Here is a Jeopardy question from the show I would like to see.
Alex: “And the answer is Ovaltine.” Contestant buzzes in.
“How do you describe Rosie O’Donnell’s early years.” Rosie, don’t think you are off my list.

I am off to yet another ship tomorrow. Yeah, I know this is becoming a “career”. However, I am still trying to recover from last year’s Broadway based salary. This cruise is not part of my usual contract and is a little quick for me to return to the sea. They had a drop out for the show this week and they loved me so much on the Explorer, I am being brought back. It seems I can get held over most anywhere but the Helen Hayes. Yeah, I’m still bitter, and based on a conversation I had with one of my producers yesterday, the Magical Mystery tour for the Two and Only seems to be evaporating. Stay tuned, it could all change, but you know you will get the truth from me here.

I feel I am losing my blog readership by posting so irregularly since leaving New York, but for now it really can’t be helped. We will be discussing the up and coming Tony race. And I think it is time to pin the tail on the donkey, and tell the inside story of what happened to The Two and Only, and name names.
As you were,


the other one said...

Avast ye matey! Here's to clear sailing and a speedy return!

When you start naming names....and pin that tail... just remember...oh hell, say whatever you want. Sometimes you just gotta let it out and let the pieces fall where they may. I'll be there to stand in your corner and lend you support!

Mr. Pitts said...

Post when you can, I check it all the time. I'm hoping the tour doesn't evaporate!

Pat said...

I agree with mr. pitts ....

Anonymous said...

You mentioned the "Broadway based salary," but what about that gigantic contract you fulfilled so wonderfully at LAT in NLA in January and received that enormous salary? did you blow it all on SA at Chili's? You and the guys and your performance are still remembered fondly by all here except Mr. W. who you continued to harass every moment you were here, but surely the $$$ was worth all that you received in return from "the very old and very forgetful" Mr. W. I thought I was to accompany you on one of those cruises? How soon we forget...HA! I know you are in the "star" category, but we would love to hear from you. And you tell MJ that I said that your tour better not evaporate or I will put a contract out on him and you know what M can do when she gets angry!!
So have fun on the cruise and give me a dingle on your return or we may put a contract out on you....you never know what "old and forgetful" folks have up their sleeves....did you and S meet my Real Estate agent on the last water trip?
carry on,

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah...
I am ready for some names, as well.
So get to that $10.00 a minute pc on board that SHIP and spill it...
carry on,

the other one said...

I should have said when you spill the beans and name names, remember I was one of the "good ones" on the "other side." You can call me out but I know you have nothing but wonderfull things to say about me....

I may be the other one but that's a good thing...I stand out from the rest!

And about that tour - it will happen.

raspyni said...

Thanks for filling in for us on The Explorer, Jay! Our drop out was due to a BIG DROP OUT on my part... Mountain bike crash and shattered collarbone! I'm in a bad place these days. www.anniebarryzed.com/accident has some detail.

Best to you...
Barry Friedman
Raspyni Brothers