Thursday, March 15, 2007

I was briefly in New York this week to receive the Pricilla L. Vail Language Award from the New York Chapter of the International Dyslexic Association. As a joke in my act I always call this group the DNA, National Dyslexic Association, but they are international and certainly a great bunch of people helping kids cope with dyslexia. The first thing I said in my speech to all the doctors and educators, was why they had to come up with such a difficult word like dyslexia for people who have difficulty spelling. Oh well. I was honored and delighted to receive the award and the honor. I never thought I would become a poster boy for anything, but I am glad to help encourage my dyslexic brothern to know they are out of the box thinkers. Mostly because we have never been able to function in the world's one size fits all box.

I wasn't feeling well in New York, so I really didn't get to do much but the speech. The rest of the time I spent throwing up in my hotel room. I was concerned that I might toss during the awards luncheon, knowing this might set dyslexia back 40 years I was trying very carefully not to.

Yesterday on the plane I was hoping not to toss as well. I started thinking of all the nicknames for vomiting. Hurl, toss, heave, spew, up chuck, feed the fish, drive the procelin bus, check the cookies and one I had never heard but works for me "Roy." If you have a favorite send it to me.

I am still a little under the weather, but Sandra insists that my dance card if full for the next couple of weeks and I do not have time to be ill.

More later, less vomit references.
As you were,


the other one said...

You were in New York?!!

the other one said...

Here are some of my favorites:
Diving into the porcelain pool
Kissing the porcelain throne
praying to the porcelain gods while speaking in tongues
bobbing for chunks
yelling at the floor

David Robison said...

Comedian, Billy Connelly has my favorite..."Buying a Buick" as in