Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Sea Veiw

The last time we were in port I was looking at the ship and saw a long window high on the ship near the stern. Several guys were standing at a waist high wall looking out the window. It looked like they had a great view so I tried to find that window after we sailed. I could not seem to find it and no one on the crew knew what I was talking about. 

By accident I wondered into an aft men's room on deck 11 a day or so later. I went to do my business and suddenly realized I was looking out a window above the urinal.  This is the window I was looking for.  The best view of the ocean is from the men's room on deck 11. And while taking in this beautiful view you can also multi task, if you know what I mean.  I assume the designer of the ship was a man.
As you were,


the other one said...

" I assume the designer of the ship was a man."


Anonymous said...

It must be nice to just roam around those huge ships looking for that lofty "men's rooms" so you can gaze upon the glories of the sea. I, on the other hand, sit here in NLA and await a message from you. "Was that all there was?" We miss you and wish you smooth sailings and lots of fun on those "gems of the sea." Guess that "man" who designed the ship knew what he was doing, eh?
Carry on,

Wiz said...

From where I sit, I have a view of 43rd Street and 8th Avenue - lots of people, lots of taxis and no where near as peaceful as the high sees!

the other one said...

I'm looking out at a roof top garden across the street (in the West Village). Everything is rather brown and lifless but Spring is fast approaching...