Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Well if it’s the third week of March it must be time for
The Independent Reviewers of New England (IRNE) Awards. The ceremony was last night and the
winners announced.

The 2007 winner for Best Visiting Production is: “Jay Johnson: The Two and Only!”

So “in your face”, Lynn Redgrave, put that in your pipe and smoke it.

I would like to thank IRNE and all the people who came to see our production in Cambridge. Thank you Wiz.. was it worth the bat attack? Thank you Clifton, we still have a tab open at O’Briens. Thanks Rob for being there to load out. And thanks to Amanda, Tori and Lauren the “Charlies Angeles” of ART and of course Murphy, Paul and Sandi, for making it a wonderful run last summer.

As you were,


the other one said...

See, I said you were a winner....I was just one day off!

Anonymous said...

IRNE award. Fantastic! Well-deserved, Jay! To refresh your memory, I'm the guy who saw your show in Cambridge, loved it so much that I went to NY to see you on Broadway with my daughter, then again two weeks later with the rest of my family. Met you outside the theater briefly, etc.

So happy you got that IRNE award. Maybe you'll come back to Cambridge? Or Boston? I guarantee that I'd come out again -- and bring a bunch of people with me! Meanwhile, I have my hopes for a Tony. If there is any justice, you'll get one.

Finally, the main reason I went on this site was to see the schedule for the spring tour that was announced a while ago -- but no luck. Is this tour happening? If so, is there a schedule somewhere? I would love to see Squeaky, Bob, Darwin, Nethernore, and all your friends again. This show is fantastic!

Best regards,

Larry Eldridge

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to a great guy, wonderful actor and Fantastic ventriloquist! You deserve every accolade you receive. (Plus a few for putting up with that Wylie person). :>

Bill Freeman

Wiz said...

Completely worth it - even if the bat did scar me for life!