Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Well the results of the Los Angeles Drama Critics Circle Awards are in. Last night in the ceremony at the El Portal theater in the category of Best Solo Performance, the nominees were:
Jim Brochu, Zero Hour, West Coast Jewish Theater.

Jay Johnson, Jay Johnson: The Two and Only! Brentwood Theater and Colony Theatre

Lynn Redgrave, Nightingale, Mark Taper Forum.

And the winner is: Lynn Redgrave, Nightinggale.

The LA press gave the award to a legendary Actress from a world acclaimed theatrical family for a show about Florence Nightinggale one of the worlds most acclaimed humanitarians performed at LA’s most prestigious venue. Those kiss-ass-critics. They would choose this over a show about a man and his puppets. What is the theater world coming to?

This is only the second time I have attended this LADCC awards show. They are known to give out multiple awards in the categories. In one case there were four nominees and three winners. The only loser must go home to an ego shredder after the awards. At least my friend Jim Brochu and I can sit at a bar and dish about the winner.

Actually it was a pleasant evening. I didn’t have to perform and the likelihood of having to give a thank you speech for an award was a long shot. In the tradition of my Boy Scout training, which continually reminds me to always be prepared, I did write something just in case it was needed. It was easy and the only thing I thought I might be called upon to say. “Congratulations to Ms. Redgrave on her winning performance.”

As you were,


the other one said...

You're a winner in my book everyday!

FiftyNinth said...

Well, congrats on winning the IRNE Award for Visiting Production (Small) for the ART run.

For those who don't know -- which I assume is most people, because I had no clue -- IRNE stands for Independent Reviewers of New England. Bravo, JJ!