Tuesday, January 30, 2007

I appreciate all the comments that are published on this blog. I am always surprised anyone is reading it. Take this as a personal thanks to those of you who have taken time find out what is happening on this side of the keyboard.

The intent of this blog has chanced since the heady days of Helen Hayes. I thought I would be able to bring great insight to the working side of a Broadway theater. As I look back on the blog, I remember most of the time being inspired to write not by Broadway itself, but New York in general.

I know why writers live in New York. Every city is a character and since you interact with your environment all the time there are ample ways to write about it. New York is a river town. I remember walking out of my building and feeling an energy rush, like jumping into a fast flowing river. All you have to do is tread water in the direction you are headed and the flow will take you there.

I’m back home now looking for inspiration in Los Angeles. I’ve returned to my regular Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf for my semi-daily fix of Ice Blended affairs. On the wall they have a picture of Michael Jackson. He came in and ordered a coffee years ago. Someone had a camera and took a picture of Michael in a hat and surgical mask posing with former employees. I have always wondered how he was going to drink that coffee with that doctor’s mask on.

Yesterday I saw one of the Baristas I know by name. I haven’t seen him since I returned from New York. He says, “Hey Jay, I haven’t seen you in a long time.” I say, “I have been living in New York for a few months”.

I am practicing in my mind what I will say next when he asks me what I was doing in New York. I am trying out the phrases, “Hit Show, Broadway hit, Critically Acclaimed” It will be my first chance to impress the homies with my new status as a performer. Perhaps they will want to replace the aging picture of pedophile Jackson with a new one of Broadway Johnson.

The Barista says, “New York huh?” as he is fixing my Ice Blended Mocha. I am ready with the answer; he just has to ask the question, “What were you doing in New York?”

“So,” he says, “What was the weather like in New York?”
My answer is, “Performing my critically acclaimed one man show on Broadway at the Helen Hayes Theatre.” Well, I don’t get the entire phrase out of my mouth. I get the first syllable out before I realize he asked a different question.

What comes from my lips is “Perf… perfect fall weather.” He gave me my drink and I was off.

Come to think of it who is to say that actually is Michael Jackson in the picture and not just some poser with a mask and a hat?
As you were,


Anonymous said...

As I remember it, you said that there were MNY fun stories to relate on your blog about your fascinating trip to the ENTERTAINMENT CAPITAL OF NORTH LOUISIANA...RUSTON!!! or as I remember it, "stories to tell when I get to a place with more than ONE area code!" They just called from the Box Office to see if I needed any OXYGEN????? There is a story there. OK, we all are waiting with hushed anticipation for stories...after all, tou were here for 6, count 'em, 6 days. Aside from the general berating of one of our favorite older and slightly forgetful friends, there must be something to tell. I mean, you have this wonderful coffee hangout in L.A. So, just a litle message to let you know that we still remember you and your visit. Why were you always LATE for the evening calls? Kendall actually just showed up with a can of oxygen...don't think so...and to think you West Coast folks pay $$$ for so many minutes of it....global warming? OK, I will stop now. Hope all is well there and that we hear from you soon.
Old and forgetful...who are you?
Carry on,
dw & m

the other one said...

Jay has forgotten all the wonderful and interesting stories he was going to tell...it's his aging brain and watching one too many American Idol episodes....