Saturday, January 13, 2007

There is a MySpace for me or the show or something involving me that has been compromised. I am sorry if you have received anything with the name of the show or my name attached that is not appropriate. It didn't come from me or anyone associated with The Two and Only.

I don't participate in the Myspace site and never have. MySpace is not my style. It is like attempting a substantial conversation with someone while wearing a rubber face mask. I asked the company manager of the show to take that site down. This is the only place you will get a message from me.

With that said I am still in Ruston, Lousianna. It seems that professor/director Wylie printed out my blog and read it to the cast during last night's pre-show note session. Yipes. I have to be more careful than I thought. My cover has been blown and my mission has been compromised. I am keeping detailed notes and when I reach a city with more than one area code, I will expound more fully on my covert operation.

The master class went very well yesterday. I had fun pretending that I had any useful information to present to a group of really terrific students. I am in the buckle of the Bible Belt. I thought I had scoured my language and left coast attitudes enough to pass, but not so. There are some things you just can't anticipate.

My new friend and narrator for this show is Scott Gilbert. He was a teacher here for a while but now lives a sinful life of theater director in California. The Subaru he rented in another city to drive while he is here has caused a scandal. This left wing non-American vehicle is only tolerated because we are from "out of town".

There is a story I heard yesterday at the Blue Light resturant about a high school driver-training lesson. It seems during the lesson the instructor yelled to the young driver, "Stop pull over." When the young driver quickly complied the instructor reached for the pistol under his seat and flung open the door to shoot at a fleeing varmit. I suppose drivers here are suppose to know the exact date squirel season opens.

Have to go the Motel manager wants to use this computer to search the internet for rodent bait. Shhh... more later.
As you were,


the other one said...

Mission? Covert operation? Cover blown? This all sounds very mysterious and exciting. The ninja inside is ready to spring in to action...I don't know for what, but ready none the less!

Anonymous said...

I am not sure I agree with ALL of that! Are you certain that you're not making this up?
Carry on,

Gilbert said...

Now Jay has blown my cover as the Subaru driver in the Piney Woods of Louisiana. I will have to go out and get American AND Confederate flag decals to affix to the vehicle in order to protect myself!

Glad to find this blog, very enjoyable. It has been really great working with, and hanging out with, Jay this week. However, the motel management has asked that he cease posting insurrectionist material from their computer. Just passing that along...

roomie & mandy said said... can one be covert in Ruston? Of course I will have to find a secret operations site at Chili's for the next time. So glad that you were here. Come back ANYTIME you want.

Lana said...

Mr. Jay, you are already missed in Ruston! I was sad to realize there would be no monkey jokes told today, at least not by a monkey. Have a safe flight!

David Robison said...

Hi Jay,

You've just made me very sad. Jay Johnson The and Only is in my number one spot of friends on MySpace. Although, I did wonder about the bulletins that were being sent out under your name that were leading to questionable links.

I thought YourSpace was legit. It's sad you are not behind it.

have you seen it?

If you go to you can click on your spot in my friend's list and see what is posted about you...if you send me an email, I'll delete you from my friends list and let others know it is not really you.