Thursday, January 25, 2007

A quick one from this weeks Sea Log.

Georgetown, Grand Cayman is a "tender port" which means the ship anchors out in the bay and you have to take a small boat from the big ship to get to shore. It is a hassle, as you might imagine and really hard if you are traveling with several cases full of wooden Americans.

There is usually a stagehand on duty to help me on and off the ship, even when we are at a dock. It is especially nice when the trip requires a tender ride. Disembarking the Enchantment I have five guys helping me. The Production Stage Manager, and three stage hands to carry luggage and a purser to deliver my paper work to Cayman immigration and customs officials. Everyone grabbed a show case and it was a fairly painless process to get on and off the tender boat.

We are a parade of people carrying road cases as we walk a few blocks to the immigration and customs house. I need to be cleared before I can go to the airport and catch my plane home. Most of the guys helping me have come ashore to partake of some native food rather than eat on the ship. The immigration process doesn't take that long and we are done fairly quickly. As I get into the cab for my ride to the Airport, I joke and say, I didn’t know it would take five people to help me get off the ship.

The Stage Manager immediately says, “We’re not really here to help. We’re here to make sure you don’t try to get back on the ship.” I am thinking now they were carrying out Captians orders.
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the other one said...

Yup. Jay makes friends everywhere he goes!

Thank goodness your journey from ship to shore was uneventful. On the other hand, it's good to know wood floats...