Sunday, January 21, 2007

'Over Bored

Not only is this ship computer expensive it is also slow. By the time is let me on to write I've spent ten bucks.
Some of my ship savy friends have suggested I go and find the computers in the crew quarters. I remember the last time I went to the crew deck I was almost tatooed and kidnapped as a roommate for a Russian named Beefy. I'll spend the money and avoid the threats.
I have done nothing since I did my show the first night here. There are some funny guys named Bert and Howie on the ship. They are jugglers. I have been accepted into the secret society of novelty acts. Bert hurt his back the other night at the gym and could not do his show. He is better now, but I will probably be off the ship before they do their act again. I will miss it. I draw and I write in my journal, and I watch the same ship board movie over and over. I don't know what day it is and as far as the time goes. I don't have a watch and my cel phone is not working in the middle of the sea.
I feel about as far from a Broadway actor as I can be. The whole Hell and Haze experience is somewhat of a blurr now. I am back to the bread and butter of show business. I am trying to figure out what that New York blip was in my life last year. It seems to have just been a weird singularity and for the most part I forget that I ever performed on Broadway.  Performing on a ship is sort of the same.  Seems to sound a lot better than it actually is. The difference is I get paid the same whether anyone comes to the show or not.
I now have plenty of time to comtemplate that experience since I am out of time on this keyboard sea monster.
I look forward to writing for free very soon. I will be glad to be off this velvet prison.
As you were,


the other one said...

Awe, you don't want a tatoo and make up with Beefy with a bottle of vodka?

As far as your blip on B'way goes, it was not a blur nor a Hazey dream. Okay, we may have been Hellish once in a while but TAO did happen - I was there for the laughter and fun and have pictures to prove it! Once a B'way actor, always a B'way actor. You are a part of the Great White Way. It's in your blood now and we're all still here, waiting for yor return.

So hop to it Dude! With all that down time for writing, I expect the first draft of the next script on my desk in two weeks!

Anonymous said...

You know, it sounds like you have too much time on your hands on that ship. This is your new friend Bill, DW's friend. And to be honest I'm not really a blogger (just not in my nature), but I have to add something here. YOU ARE GREAT!!! What a TALENT!! You don't need a title of Broadway actor, or TV actor, or any other title.

When I met you at Louisiana Tech for the first time I thought "WOW, a tv star". I used to watch him on SOAP. (By the way I went out and bought the 1st season DVD just to watch you again). But then I got to know you a little and more importantly I got to watch you work and play with the students at LA Tech and to interact with them and be as much a fan of theirs as they were of you. I was IMPRESSED!! You are a great guy that is a good friend to all and happens to have some great wooden american friends as well. That's all you need to be in life. Sure you have to bring in the money, but at La Tech you were actually teaching and opening eyes to what is out there for many who haven't experienced it yet. Thanks for being who you are. (No matter what David Wylie says about you.)

:)the Band Man

the other one said...

Hey Band Man - you hit it right on the head.
Mr. Ven-trick-o-list doesn't understand how much of an impression he leaves with the people he meets and works with. I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to get to know Jay during the run of TAO. Having worked in the "biz" for nearly twenty years, I have to say, without a doubt, the run of TAO was the best time I've ever had in the theatre. I can't remember ever having laughed so much and will continue to laugh whenever I think of the events that transpired over those two months.

Mr. Johnson - don't forget, the best is yet to come!