Thursday, January 11, 2007

I am attempting to use a high jacked computer at the Holiday Inn Express in Ruston, Louisiana to communicate. I may get caught at any moment and asked to get out of the Motel manager's office, so this could be shorter than usual. I am also attempting to post the blog in a different way. Hope it works.

I am performing for the Opera Workshop for Louisiana Tech. Actually this is an annual performance with students singing selections from Broadway Musicals. The production is directed by my friend and college roommate. I am doing some of the material from The Two and Only. This is great fun, theater as it should be, done for the very love and experience of doing it. The stage managers back stage are doing the choreography alone with the performers on stage. They all call me Mr. Johnson and they are the age of my kids. I do feel like the old salt on the table. We will run this show for four days, and as I understand it we are "sold out" for the entire run. "Sold out" is not a theatrical term that I am very familiar with.

Tomorrow I will do a master class. Actually a question and answer session on whatever they want to ask. I am having a great time reconnecting with my "old" friend and roomie David Wylie. When I get out of town I will tell more stories about him. He is holding my check from the University, and I can't say too much yet.

Okay here comes the motel manager back from lunch. Must go.
As you were,


the other one said...

To Mr. Johnson -
Very cool! Can't wait to hear more about it... sounds like fun. These folks have no idea what's in store... I'm so jealous - wish I was there. Knock 'em dead on your sold out run!

"Old salt on the table?" Oh man, what does that make me?

Callie said...

Just want to let you know ... my girls follow you thru MYSPACE, and apparently your space has been compromised. They receive x-rated material that says was sent thru your account (they are 17 and 19)! And if they try to check your listing, they get little black clouds flying over your name!

the other one said...

Callie - I've received the same "material" I sent a message to the person running the MySpace page. Hopefully he'll fix it soon.

Callie said...

Thanks so much!