Thursday, February 01, 2007

Yesterday I spent six hours in front of a camera talking about ventriloquism for a new film documentary. I was shocked that it had gone so long. I had a great time fielding questions that I have never been asked before. There were some that I have answered too many times, but for the most part it made me think. I usually shy away from these sorts of projects. More often than not it becomes a hatchet job and an indictment on the insanity of the art of ventriloquism. This one seems different.

After several conversations with Bryan Simon, the director and producer, I believe he is attempting to raise the awareness of the art instead of impugn it. Bryan has a real interest and we have a common desire to share the story. He is certainly going to the right people and spending a lot of time getting the information. I was impressed with his operation. In fact we did not finish the interview and I look forward to another session in a few months.

I am delighted that there is some sort of resurgence of interest in my art form. I am grateful to be in a place in my life and my career when I can affect the discussion. I know Bryan plans to shoot through July, and I have no idea how long it will take him to finish the project. I am told the average length of time to complete a documentary is four years. I don’t think this will take that long.

On another note: There is a rumor that the Two and Only Tour will start in Dallas in November. All rumors are rumors until replaced by others. Hopefully we will have some dates soon. (I think I made that same statement several months ago)

As you were,


the other one said...

Cool! And very Cool!! I'll keep sending those goods vibes your way.

Mr. Pitts said...

The documentary sounds like an interesting project, I look forward to seeing it someday soon. There has been a lot of positive attention given to ventriloquism lately. I think you can count yourself and "The Two and Only" as a real factor in this resurgence of interest. I'll keep my fingers crossed about the tour. I'm in San Antonio, and I'd be willing to travel to Dallas for the show, but hopefully you'll come even closer, like here. The Majestic and The Empire are both first rate venues. I hope to see you in SA!