Thursday, April 03, 2014

The Rich get richer and the poor get ?

It was forty years ago.
Bumbling thieves broke into the Democratic headquarters in Washington, D.C. at a place called Watergate. The investigation unveiled a corrupt operation run from the highest office of government and resulted in the first ever resignation of a United States President.
The Roberts Supreme Court
During the investigation we learned that Richard Nixon kept a million dollars cash in a safe at the White house. It was money donated by an unknown  campaign contributor. He used the contributed cash for graft and payoff to destroy his opposition and hold on to his absolute power.
After this major abuse of elected power, the legislature passed bipartisan campaign contribution laws. They were written to keep this kind of campaign cash from ever being used again for corruption and cover up. The legislature passed laws limiting the amounts that corporations and individuals could contribute. These laws worked fine for 40 years during which time we elected Ronald Reagan, Bill Clinton, The Bushes, and Barack Obama.
But, in just the last four years all those campaign protection laws have been struck down, by the same  Supreme Court. First was the idea that corporations were not limited in the amount of money they could give, and just this Tuesday the Roberts court struck down the limits that an individual can contribute.  Politics is again on the market, for sale to the highest bidder. Start looking for a Nostradamus quatrain that predicts the United States presidential election in 2016 will be the most expensive in history .  Koch brothers are now free to spend as much money as want to influence elections, politicians and policy. In fact the Roberts court has sanctioned the Koch brothers corrupt behavior as constitutionally patriotic.
I have no idea how bad it will have to get before we address campaign finance issues again.  But you know it has to get worse than it was in the Nixon administration. With no regulations on the amount
of money a rich person can give a candidate soon 1% of the worlds wealth will control the members of Congress.
"Mr. Congressman the poor are starving and they have no bread to eat."
"Then let them eat cake."
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P. Grecian said...

*sigh* Yeah...but I have hope that this will be corrected. Just not in time for the next election, I fear...for that is almost upon us.

Anonymous said...

I understand the concerns about unlimited funding to more candidates with the cap remaining the same for each individual candidate.
I also realize how huge the PAC funds can become. But freedom of speech should not be limited in any circumstance or left up to the "fair" reporting of an admitted liberal media. Big media campaigns become a necessity when candidates can not get coverage or share ideas via a news media that feeds off of the status quo. Who questions the amount of dollars generated by the media and the value of skewed coverage to the candidates they provide.