Thursday, April 24, 2014

Quickly before it Rains

I'm in Fiji for 24 hours waiting to catch a ride on a cruise ship to Hawaii. I lost a day and all contact with my world during the eleven hour flight. I think this is Friday but it should be Thursday. Finally I was able to connect with the internet (such as it is here) when I got to the hotel.  It was slow expensive and buggy, then completely went out for 8 hours when the rain came.  For those here on vacation it didn't seem to matter that they were off the grid. For me I was trying to straighten out my transportation to the ship from the hotel.  There seemed to be some problems with my ride and how long of a drive it is from the hotel to the dock.
In my years of travel the one thing that will go wrong when everything else is perfect is ground transportation.  Don't know why that is but it is definitely a rule for me. Once I am in the ship I can vegetate before I have to work AND I can walk to the theatre. But until I am in my cabin and looking back on Fiji there will be some anxiety. 
Because it is important to me, over the years I have developed a relationship with several of the drivers on various Caribbean islands.  Jamacia George is my favorite. Obviously a driver in Jamaica.   He has been driving for RCCL for 20 years or more. I am always glad to see his face at the airport or the dock. I know he will get me to my next destination. 
Rory in St. Martin is the other driver that is always there for you, also driving for RCCL more than a decade. He had a Cadillac stretch which created a lot of attention on the island. It might have been the only one on St. Martin.  The last time we met he had an Escalade, still a lot of attention but a different kind.  In addition to being a driver he is also a personal body guard for celebrities who visit St. Martin.  
He is cut like a Greek statue and extremely strong.  You never worry when Rory is your driver.
The internet is about to turn off unless I pay for another day so I will publish and move on to my career as a sailor.
Probably not much availability to publish when I get on the ship. Here is a parting shot.  A picture of my view from my Villa on the beach. It is a shame I only get to enjoy it for 24 hours.
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