Thursday, April 03, 2014

"SoMed" - Social Media for the REST of Us.

FaceBook, Twitter, InstaGram, YouTube, Text, Instant Text,  Me, Vine, Circle, LinkedIn, 
These social apps are all designed to do the same thing, let's just cut to the chase and get right to the point. In one way or another these forms of media are designed for grabbing attention, mainly self-aggrandizing attention. Look at me and what I am doing. People, no matter their age, are hard wired for attention. We live in a time when it is possible to catch the attention of the entire world instantly. This has never before happened in recorded history. And it has happened exponentially in the generation of those born in the 80's.  The idea of instant constant communication is difficult for an older generation not born with it to comprehend. There is a generation of latter day 60 somethings who still crave attention in the digital world, but all those "new smart phones are scary" and the apps take time to learn. Just a waste of time to some and,  time is not a thing 60 somethings like to waste. So here's the next big thing, social media for a generation that came of age in the 60's.  Like the Macintosh of 1984.. this is the app "for the rest of us."

(Small print alert. Make sure you read and agree to the terms of agreement by clicking on the button below)
Terms of Agreement - 
 Here is the fine print: You must agree to the fine print by clicking the accept button. In the absurd case that this is actually an idea that is being done, registered, or  retired  from some other inspiration or has the potential to actually generate interest and cash flow t he clicker agrees to the following.   If this IMNYourFace is your idea you won't sue me, and if it is my idea, you won't sue me. Okay.. quid pro quo.  If this idea results in massive amounts of money, I mean like Gates kind of cash then I will find everyone who thinks they have an interest in the development of this idea and give them what they deserve. Please click the button.  

For those of us back from clicking the  "I totally agree" button: Yes I do wonder why. Why is a question that keeps leading us closer to the Truth.  It is easy to come up with the How if  you know Why.  And that is WHY this App could be exactly what you need.

Social Media like Grandma used to have
is a constant slide show of the selfies and vintage pictures uploaded to a cloud-stream. Every picture the "digital-age challenged" grandparent or great uncle takes on their camera/phone is up loaded, edited for quality, set to music and beautifully streamed in an annotated slide show for other subscribers to see.
With IMNYourFace  anyone can subscribe to "Proud New Dad" or GrandBabe and see all the pictures they are taking of their kids and grand kids. You follow them and browse the pictures they are taking when you have the time.
When that new Granddad tries to show iPhone pictures of his granddaughter  around the bar you say,  "No thanks, I already saw them, IMNYourFace."
You have just saved yourself some time. Life immediately goes back to normal without time spent looking at baby pictures. I've heard it said before but I'll say it again - for older people time is what it's all about.
IMNYourFace the social media "For the REST of us."

Keep up with your friends without ever having to interact.

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