Wednesday, April 02, 2014

April Fools Day After...

The problem with a joke is you can't repeat it to the same audience. So I pretty much have to come up with a new April Fools blog gag. I've milked yesterday's for a couple years now.  Time to move on.
Got no real story today, just a bunch of random mind trash. I have already taken out the recycling.

I read for a guest role on a television show yesterday. It was for the part of a Ventriloquist, I odd they would consider me for that role.  The very first line in the script for a puppet named Micky is: "someone had a breakfast burrito before bedtime." I laughed out loud, an alliteration of four 'b' words in a row? They have no clue these twenty- something writers.

Edited for confusion. 

CNN interrupted the news last night with a breaking story.  The story? Rescuers are changing the search area for Flight MH 370. That is not news, nor is it a breaking story.  The breaking story is the airplanes and ships searching in the same area two days in a row.  

Why is it that my lovely dancer wife never has a computer issue when I am in the same room? As she yells across the house, she assumes that I can yell back an answer to the problem. How would I not know how to fix a problem explained in a loud voice, "The thing won't do when I try."

Local NBC news was promoting their newscast in a ten second ad between commercials.  Their exact words, "It's the Big One.... Details at 11."

I had a great time at the PDS luncheon last Sunday. Held in the same room at the Beverly Hilton where they do the Golden Globes, it is always a wonderful afternoon. Professional Dancers Society is a subset of the Actors Fund.  PDS raises money for members of the dance community who are down on their luck.  No one has more fun than dancers. Glad I married one.
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Tom Farrell said...

Sort of like Flashes from Vent Haven like W.S. Berger did in the Oracle magazine of the International Brotherhood of Ventriloquists.