Tuesday, April 01, 2014

My Last Blog...

I have been writing this blog for eight years. I have tried to keep a daily schedule of posts, which at times has been difficult for many reasons.  Not the least of which is, I have to censor myself. The freedom of self expression is an unfiltered one for me, and not always appreciated by those on the receiving side. 
All in all I have enjoyed this almost decade of being a blog writer. I appreciate all of you who have commented over the years.  It was a validation of effort and proof of concept. I have become online friends with several regular readers of this blog.                                But flowers eventually fade and leaves fall as time marches on. 
Doctors at the New Beginnings Reality Center tell me that I must change the stress level of my life to truly complete treatment. That means no more writing.  SO.. 
 So in the voice of Paul Harvey..."this is Jay Johnson  .(waiting).......................................(still waiting).. (waiting)......... (Almost )..........Good Day.
  If you are looking for other blogs to read after we are gone, here is my suggestion list   
National Psychic Services
Esoteric Visuals for the Blind
It's April 1st.  


P. Grecian said...

I'm in the room next over from you. If we can't get together for tea and jello in the sun room, perhaps Bob and Louie can.

Val Hilliker Comedy Ventriloquist said...

Lilli the frog who always wears her duck suit thinks I have the same thing, good thing she can't sign as my legal guardian I would have been committed years ago. Val Hilliker

Bob Conrad said...

You can't leave now, how will I start off my day? Phil, Lou and I will have to have our Jello alone. Sigh :(

Bill said...

Yikes, you really got me. I should have known better. I sure am glad it's April 1.