Thursday, October 10, 2013

Telephone Marketing

I got one of those random marketing calls the other day.  We have been getting a rash of them recently even though I have continued to register all my numbers with the National "Do Not Call" registry.  If I don't recognize the number as someone I want to talk to I won't answer.  Sometimes however they can catch me when I'm not looking.
Recently I told one of the faceless voices that I wanted them to take my number off their list... I was not now nor would I ever use the services of a company that "cold called" me.  In this case the person quickly said they would and hung up.  I have no faith in the idea that he left his calling station to find someone who could immediately erase my number from the data base.  But it quickly ended a conversation that I didn't want to have.
I thought I had come up with a technique that worked. However the next time I got one of those irritating calls it didn't work.  When I asked the guy to take my number off he said, "When can we schedule you for an estimate".  At first I thought he did not hear what I said, then I realized he was  screwing with me.  Obviously he has heard my answer before and this is his way of responding. 
It reminded me of my all time favorite prank call involving one of those telemarketers. It is several years old now but here it is... still a classic. Fortunately it was saved for posterity by a morning drive time radio team.

Don't you wish life always worked out like this?
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Tom Crowl said...

Absolutely love that audio. I usually tell them I'd like them to send me more information and then ask if they can have someone come over to read it because I am blind...

Tom Farrell said...


Dave Robison said...

As a comedian, I know it's not nice to steal material, but I'm stealing this and using it on my very next unsolicited should scare the hell out of that church lady that keeps calling my house to pray for me.