Wednesday, October 02, 2013

Return of the Season

My muse has returned, clothed in drag. It might have been my review of MAGIC that put me in this dark mood.  It really has no attachment to what is NOT happening in Washington and the current government closure. 
It has everything to do with October.  It could be my favorite month. It most certainly contains my favorite holiday, Halloween. Halloween is a holiday that is of equal importance to me as Thanksgiving or even Christmas. I love Halloween, but there are some rules that people seem to disregard when celebrating this ancient rite.   
I am totally against a Hallmark holiday with Casper type ghosts and princess costumes at Halloween. I also don't like "gag" costumes. You know the ones.  A guy comes to your Black Friday party in a pink hooded leotard with a shoe glued to his head. When you ask him what he is he says, "I'm bubble gum stuck to the bottom of a shoe."   No offense to anyone who celebrates Halloween that way. But that is not the way I celebrate the occasion. Halloween is Horror and for me Horror is Gothic. 
I am a traditionalist and Halloween is an ancient pagan celebration ritual. It is supposed to be dark and scary. Halloween is all about horror and ghost stories. One night a year when the restless undead can walk the earth causing the living to hide in fear.  Modern capitalism has turned Halloween into a costume party to push sugar products.  Don't get me wrong.. I think a few modern concessions are necessary to any ancient ritual, I do not draw the line on Halloween candy, especially if it is Junior Mints, Milky Way, or Almond Joy.
So take heart fellow Druids forget politics because our season in upon us.
As you were,


Anonymous said...

Ha Zahhhh my Fellow Fiend Jay!

Phil Nichols

Tonda said...

It's the MOST wonderful time of the year! Yay!!

P. Grecian said...

Jay, I make my grandson's Halloween costume each year, and it's always wildly complicated. This year he's to be The Fly...the original movie, not the later one. Dining room is the workshop. Huge negative plaster mold while I slush in latex. Last year it was The Predator. The Fly is easier.

Kenny Croes said...

Yes, Halloween is the only time of year I can walk around wearing my bloody lab coat and severed hand without attracting police.