Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Senators McCarthy and Cruz

Sen. Joe McCarthy 
Sen. Ted Cruz 
Back in 1953 a lone wolf Senator ruined the lives of countless people and ushered into the United States an era of fear and hatred that still marks the country like a bad scar. He was Senator Joe McCarthy and he has come back from the grave to try again.  This time his name is Ted Cruz.
If you are younger than 60, Google Senator Joe McCarthy and catch up. 
McCarthy was a Republican Senator during a the second term of democratic president Harry Truman. Single handedly he tried to bring down the administration by "outing" homosexuals publicly and calling government officials communists. His crusade was filled with lies and half truths presented as fact. His goal seemed to be tearing down the government and building it back up to his own right wing, witch hunt standards.  He created the black list and destroyed the careers of many artists, actors, musicians and other liberals he hated.

The term McCarthyism,is a reference to McCarthy's practices. The term is used today generally in reference to demagogic, reckless, and unsubstantiated accusations, as well as public attacks on the character or patriotism of political opponents.  Sound familiar.
While they bear a striking similarity physically, and are the same age, it is the "holier than thou" attitude and thoughtless disregard for the country that truly connects them.  
McCarthy preached that he was saving the country from take over by communism as he was destroying the lives of innocent people in his sites. 
Ted Cruz now preaches that he is saving the country from take over by Obama Care as he destroys our recovery, our economic system and spreads hatred destroying the lives of innocent people. Both Senators are narcissistic crusaders basking in the glory of 15 minutes of infamy. 
Eventually the Senate and the country grew tired of McCarthy and his bullying style of public ambush and censured him in 1954.  He died at the age of 48 three years later.
Ted Cruz... a Canadian by birth so he is not eligible to run for president, but it seems he doesn't need to be president to F... up the country for the rest of us. Stop listening to this megalomaniac before we  have to coin another word for insensitive and dangerous politics... Cruzism.
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Mary Watts said...

Mighty broad brush strokes there, Jay. Why not take a particular topic instead of a person and discuss it. People are so hard to pigeon hole.


Mary....The strokes are not so broad. And I think you totally missed the message. I'm not pigeon holing a person but pointing out the similar topics and tactics of two Senators five generations apart. We know how it turned out for Sen. McCarthy. Time will tell what happens to his current incarnation and the effect on the nation.

Tom Farrell said...

Joe and Ted both leave plenty of pigeon leavings.
The message is clear!

Anonymous said...

Are you seriously comparing Ted Cruz to Joe McCarthy???
I'm not a fan, but I think Ted Cruz is serious in his efforts. Tailgunner Joe was out for power and publicity.

P. Grecian said...

S'pose it lies in the goal of his efforts.
I've got a pretty good idea what Ted's are.
I also know that, thanks to this overstep, he'll never reach those goals.
And so it goes.