Thursday, October 31, 2013

NightMare on Halloween

It was a really stressful dream. 
Lynn and Nancy drove me to a school a very long way out the 101 Freeway. 
At this point I am beginning to panic.  What will I do? I need to call someone to come and get me. That is when someone says I can use their cell phone. It is an old flip phone and I politely ask, if they have had this the  entire time why haven't we used it before. They said they thought that I could only use Mac products.  
I use the old cell phone to call home.  An unfamiliar voice answers.  I ask who it is and the voice says, "You know who this is."   I ask him to explain my situation to my son and have him come and get me.  In my mind I am wondering where I tell him I am because I do not know the area, city or  I realize that Mel is dressed as the Scarecrow.
We all three make it to the jeep. They are not worried about the mess that the mud will make on the interior.  We are finally off.  
I keep asking if they know where Encino is and they are vague. I keep saying Encino hoping they won't forget.  We end up at yet another crowded apartment, I realize they are not taking me to Encino. We crest a hill and below us is a scene covered in snow. The roofs are thick with snow and the road below looks nearly impossible.  Although I remark how beautiful it is I also question where such a landscape would exist in Southern California on the way to Encino.  The word reminds the driver and Mel that is our destination. They seem reluctant to continue, if they can't drive though it they will have to drive around the snow and there seems little interest in doing that.  I look at my watch, add thirty minutes and say that I really have to be home by then. They do not care. However, when I tell them I will fill the jeep with gas I get a positive reaction. 
It now becomes a hunt for a service station.  We pass several and I have the feeling we are no longer heading in the direction of Encino.
It takes me several minutes to realize that I am waking in St. Croix on the Adventure of the Seas. Daylight is creeping though my drawn shades. My iPhone and my iPad are exactly where I left them to charge. Mel and the other mobsters have vanished along with the snow and the jeep. I have a great sense of relief.  I really want to go home to Encino, but I can't walk, I don't know where I am and everyone on the ship looks like Mel and the others.  So far no tin-woodsman costume, but the day is early. 
Hal O'Ween 
Knight Mare 

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