Monday, October 14, 2013

Columbus Day

There is a museum in Cuba where it is said they have two human skulls.  One is of Christopher Columbus when he was a very old man and the other when he was a small child.  Why not?  Does everything we know about Columbus make complete sense? 
Today we celebrate the arrival of Columbus who in 1492 happened upon a new land. Obviously the land was up for grabs because the people living here said they didn't own it. Owning the earth was a concept that made them laugh. How could you own the dirt and the sky and the trees?  So even though there is ample reason to believe that Vikings had already discovered America, Columbus annexed it for the Queen of Spain. Since he thought he had found a passage to India he called the native people living in here, Indians.
Although these Native people had been here for hundreds of years living peacefully with nature, they were not white Europeans so they didn't count.  We rounded them up and marginalized their influence, and even thought of them as vermin which needed to be eradicated from our new homeland.  We placed them in ghettos called reservations and told them that would be their land.  When new raw material and resources were found in the ghetto we moved the squatting Indians to another place... several times.
But all that was done by a bunch of ignorant people who also allowed slavery in this new country.  We are not like that today.  Are we?
With all the talk about Immigration laws there is one that strikes me as odd.  Rule says if you are born in America you are American.  If your parents immigrated from Oggleyland and you were born here in America... you are not an Oggleylander you are American. This holds true for every race and nationality except one.  Native Americans. 
Although they are called Native Americans, were born here and have lived here for centuries, they are not American by birth.  They belong to a national tribe. Even though they were originally here when we arrived... they are not naturalized citizens.  They are native Americans in name only.
So to the guy who started this entitlement and holier than thou thinking in this hemisphere... How about a national holiday in your name?  We will give government workers the day off and celebrate your Americanism.  Unfortunately... most of the people who would get the day off were fired two weeks ago by a the spawn of your idiocy called Congress.
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