Thursday, July 14, 2011

Vent Convention

I am off to the Vent Convention in Kentucky. They are honoring my hero, mentor and friend Jimmy Nelson and I want to be there when they do.  The host of the evening asked that my presence be a secret, so I have not talked about going here in the blog.  Several people have asked me if I was going and I had to either pretend to ignore or give a silly answer.  Since it started yesterday I guess I am okay in tipping the surprise.    I am not staying long, only long enough to visit with Jimmy and see the permanent Jay Johnson display at Vent Haven.
So, depending on the Ft Mitchell wifi connections I will blog when I can for the next few days. Check back in and I will do what I can to document the experience without the use of the words odd or weird.
As you were,

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Anonymous said...

Jay, great Blog I enjoy reading about what you are up to and thanks for sharing your thoughts and art.
A big thanks for taking the time to stop for a pic and a handshake at the ConVention. It was great meeting you and your presentation to Jimmy was hilarious. You need to bring your act to VA we are waiting !
Ben North