Monday, July 11, 2011

JULY 11-
It was pointed out to me just a few days ago that we only have one Birthday, the rest are anniversaries of that day. I don't care what you call it as long as I get cake and ice cream and a lot of toys. 
This year it is true for everyone: If you take the last two numbers of the year you were born and add them to your age you are this year, you will come up with the number "111". It just works out that way this year. Take it for whatever omen you wish.  For me, I choose to give it great significance and see it as an indication of great happiness now and to come. 
It has been my experience that the majority of Birthdays, over my span of years, have brought disappointment and depression. That trend has waned in the last few years and as been hit or miss as to how the day will progress.  Over the span of the last five years only two anniversaries of my birth have been the harbinger of disappointment. Although my oldest son returns to Germany today, I plan to make this day fare on the positive side in spite of that emotional event. No bad news today..... I will spend the time at home with minimal effort and maximum self indulgence. I have always felt younger than my age, but as that number climbs, even subtracting a few years makes me an old codger by most standards.
I have always believed in the absolute existence of NOW which has no room for the past or the future. Living in the moment has always given me the most happiness. It is however, very hard to hang onto that way of living as the pressure of time is all around me.  I am as I have always been, right here, right now and always. The great thing about Now is that it is ever the same while constantly changing. You can't hold on to now or bank it for later... it just is. I am, the present tense of the verb to be which is I am, and I am that I am.
As we all are,


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Jay,

Mine will come later this month on July 16th at the
Vent Haven Convention.
Although I'll be three quarters of a century old,
I'm never growing up!
Hope to see you there,

Tom Farrell

Rick Lyon, Puppet Dude said...

Happiest of Birthdays to you, Jay! May it be full of non-disappointment!

P. Grecian said...

Well, y'know what? Happy Birthday. You have the same birthday as my foster son. Both of you are incredibly talented people, and I'm glad to know you.

Steve said...

Happy Birthday Jay!

Roomie said...

Well said blog today...we didn't enter until today, but did wish you well in several ways....I don't my age either, most of the time, but it is creeping up on me...I think you are responsible, in part, for my feeling younger than my years....Hope it was a great day.....Love you and
Carry on,

Monica said...

Oh jay happy late bday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! no sad no sad!!!!!!!!!! be happy!!! you are young! :)