Friday, July 08, 2011

Ducks are keeping me from writing...
Deadlines and ducks have kept my blog empty this week. I will return from the pond this weekend and will continue to fling cyber words at the masses.  As they say a picture is worth a thousand words. So here are two thousand words which is about how many I write in a week.  I know this is a cheap way to keep to catch up, but I will be BACK this next week.  Thanks for checking in and I promise more tales from the fragmented mind soon.
Oh and by the way, now that the Casey Anthony Trial is over can we fire Nancy Grace? Send her home and take her holier than thou ass off television. She has become more irritating than Judge Judy, but without the charm.  If I were to cast the Snow White, Nancy  Grace would be the evil queen.  If I wanted a poster girl for what is wrong with the legal system in this country, I would hire "helmet hair Nancy".  There is nothing more irritating than an aging cheerleader who has become a know it all.

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And amen.

Roomie said...

And Amen number three....glad you're back and HAPPY BIRTHDAY on the 11th!!!!
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