Friday, July 22, 2011

Comedy at the Bowl
We attended Eddie Izzard's concert at the Hollywood Bowl on Wednesday night. (Mr Izzard once gave me a Tony Award at the Radio City Music Hall - but he is even more famous for other things).  He is the first comedian to headline the bowl and he drew 12,000 people. It was really a wonderful performance, and to fill the bowl is a monumental accomplishment as a performer. At the beginning of the show he stated what a big place it was and proceeded to run to the back of the bowl giving high fives.  After he got back he said, "That might not have been the best idea."  He was breathless for just a moment but hit a pace that was hysterical and relentless.  He is such an intellectual performer. At one point he was talking about the Internet and stated that we all lie.  He said we always click the box that says, "Have you read and agree with the terms of service."  He said no on reads those documents...."Some where in the contract you agree to have your buttocks removed and sold to China."
Tonight I will go to the Comedy Magic Club and perform for their anniversary.  I know this is perhaps the third decade that they have been in business. I was one of the first headliners to perform there. Gees that makes me sound ancient.  The idea is to fill the show with every comic they can squeeze in and we all do 4 minutes.  I can barely introduce myself in four minutes but it will be fun to hang with the guys I rarely get to see anymore.
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