Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Birthday Cards
I received some wonderful birthday cards yesterday, both virtual and visceral. It was a wonderful day and not in the least depressing or disappointing.  We were all sad to see Brandon leave for Germany but the sadness was not related to the birth day itself.  So, I would say my birthday tallied on the positive side for 2011.  
King of Spades, Queen of Diamonds, Seven of Diamonds,
Joker and Credit Card
My friend Harry sent me a beautiful deck of playing cards for my birthday.  It is a Bicycle poker deck completely redesigned by a group of artists called,  Alchemy 1977 England. These graphic novel artists have created a deck of playing cards that is stunning.  
I understand it might not be every one's taste in art, but anyone who knows me knows why I would find the art of this deck of cards alluring.  I scanned a sampling because I did not think I could describe them properly. 
Every King in the deck is a grim reaper. There are four distinct renderings of Reapers. The corners of all the hearts are blood stained. If some people believe cards are evil, this would be the deck to prove it. 
It is not just the Gothic nature of the subject matter, but the execution of the concept that is compelling to me. I would love to know what medium these drawings were finally rendered in. 
I have decided not to shuffle them but keep  them arranged in their original order of major arcana. Although it is a legal deck in all specifications,  I'm not sure I will ever use the deck for any game, for no other reason than it would require them to be shuffled. These are art cards that need to be appreciated for their images and not just used as a scoring device.  It would be a shame not to appreciate their beauty because they were involved in a game. 
Thank you to everyone who took the time to acknowledge the anniversary of my Birth.  I am very blessed with wonderful friends and family.
As you were,

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